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Electronic cigarette chip

Electronic cigarette control chip

CE6801D is a specialized control chip for electronic cigarettes, which integrates airflow sensing control, output management, LED status indication, and other electrical components

Cigarette function. The built-in MOS transistor in the chip can reduce the overall board size, simplify the peripheral application circuit, have high working stability, and low standby power consumption.

Suitable for electronic cigarette products.

Product detail

Static current: average<5uA

Able to recognize changes in microphone capacitance for smoking action detection, with anti blow back function

Constant average voltage 2.8V output

Equipped with various protection functions such as undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, smoking timeout protection, etc

Strong anti-interference ability, no shaking or falling will trigger smoking action, avoiding false triggering

Built-in MOS transistor (NMOS/PMOS optional), with fewer peripheral devices and low cost

Packaging form: DFN2 * 3-8L