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Power management chip

Built-in Luhua power chip

CSC3306 is a PFM synchronous boost DC/DC converter with high efficiency, low power consumption, low ripple and high operating frequency. Only

With three peripheral components, the low input voltage can be boosted to the required working voltage, and the circuit can be adjusted internally (in steps of 0.1V)

To obtain the required output voltage, the built-in synchronous switch can make the efficiency up to 95%, and work in PFM mode, which can effectively reduce

Ripple in low light load mode, with extremely low static current, is particularly suitable for handheld electronic equipment applications, using SOT23 packaging.

Product detail

  • Maximum efficiency: 95%

  • Maximum working frequency: 300kHZ

  • Low quiescent current: 15uA

  • Output voltage optional: 2.5V ~ 3.6V

  • Output accuracy: plus or minus 2.5%

  • Wide input voltage range: 0.9V ~ 3.6V

  • Low ripple, low noise

  • Application field:Electronic equipment with 1-2 dry cells