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Power management chip

Built-in Luhua power chip

CJC5248 is a DC-DC power management IC, which perfectly solves the transient power failure of the power supply and causes the system

Reset and other problems. This chip integrates power detection module, boost control management module, LDO module

Stream protection module. This chip solves the problem that when the power module outputs large current in a transient state, the power supply to the main control IC is not

Stable, causing problems such as reset of the master IC. It completely replaces the complex scheme of boosting IC+LDO in the current market.

Product detail

 Highly integrated, few peripheral components

 Support input voltage 2.2V~5.2V

 Support VCC transient power down to 1.5V, and output 3.3V stably at OUT terminal

 Boost output circuit efficiency: above 90%

 Sleep power consumption: 600uA

 Maximum 400mA output

 Chip undervoltage protection

 Chip over-current and short circuit protection

 Chip over temperature protection

 5-pin SOT-23 package