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Pyroelectric infrared induction control chip

Pyroelectric infrared control IC

PIR IC is manufactured with CMOS digital-analog hybrid technology, high input impedance operational amplifier, can be matched with a variety of sensors, bidirectional amplitude detector, can effectively suppress interference, built-in reference voltage, built-in timer, novel structure, stable and reliable, Wide adjustment range, low static power consumption, and less peripheral parts required.

Application: Intelligent delay light, lighting control, built-in LDO.

Product detail

 CMOS digital analog hybrid ASIC;

 Independent high input impedance operational amplifier; can

Match with multiple sensors for signal processing;

Bi directional amplitude discriminator, which can effectively suppress interference;

 Built in delay time timer and lockout time timer

Device; Novel structure, stable and reliable, wide mediation range;

 Built in reference voltage;

 Operating voltage range 2V ~ 6V;

 16 pin DIP and SOP packaging;