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Pyroelectric infrared induction control chip

Pyroelectric infrared control IC

PIR IC is manufactured using CMOS digital-analog hybrid technology, high input impedance operational amplifier, can be matched with a variety of sensors, two-way amplitude discriminator, can effectively suppress interference, built-in reference voltage, built-in timer, novel structure, stable and reliable, adjustment range Wide, low static power consumption' requires few peripherals.

Application: Intelligent delay light, lighting control, built-in LDO

Product detail

◆ Working voltage range: 4.0V~6.0VDC

◆ External oscillation resistance and capacitance. The control time is adjustable.

◆ It is externally connected with cadmium sulfide (CDS) sensor to inhibit output in the daytime.

◆ The output can drive the relay or thyristor.

◆ Built in two-stage operational amplifier with adjustable gain.

◆ Built in regulated output 3.1V directly drives PIR.

◆ Integrated zero crossing detection and synchronous trigger of AC power supply to reduce power pollution.

◆ DIP/SOP16-PIN encapsulation.