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TWS in ear detection and wearing induction series

Capacitive touch IC

CT8517 is a capacitive in-ear detection touch chip with voltage detection reset function. Manufactured by CMOS process, based on MCUBase, high performance, low power consumption, it is mainly used in the Bluetooth master control solution of high-level power-on with touch output.

The chip has three detection input channels: ear detection input, touch detection input, and reset voltage detection input. Ear and touch are output in two separate channels, and the chip can output multiple modes through MCU software control.

The chip can be widely used in TWS, smart home, touch bracelet, AI smart and other DC touch button detection products to realize product intelligence.

Product detail

 Working voltage: 2.4V~5.5V

 About 10uA in low power consumption mode (±25% @VDD=3.7V CS=22nF)

 The power-on initialization is completed within 1s after the power supply is stable, and all functions are disabled during this period

 With voltage detection reset function; can also be configured in software to touch for 20s to reset

 Automatic calibration function, can quickly and automatically adapt to changes in the working environment

 High reliability, the chip has a built-in debounce function, which can effectively prevent malfunctions caused by external noise interference

 Configured into multiple output modes through software

 Complete development of host computer software, built-in hardware comparator

 Sensitivity can be adjusted by external capacitor

 Good anti-interference performance, ESD up to 4KV

 The product can be used on the surface of glass, ceramics, plastics, acrylic and other media

 DFN2*2-8L package is more adaptable