Good news: Congratulations to our company on obtaining ISO9001 quality management system certification

release time:2024-01-03publisher:CSC

The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system audit and was issued relevant certificates on December 12, 2023. We will resolutely implement the requirements of the ISO quality management system, continuously improve internal management, and institutionalize, systematize, and legalize quality management. Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise. We will continue to uphold unlimited innovation, pursue excellence, prioritize quality, and prioritize customers!

Our company will continue to strictly implement the quality management system and rules and regulations in our future work, further optimize and standardize various management systems, continuously improve the effectiveness of system operation, actively explore and strive to elevate the work of the enterprise management system to new heights, achieve comprehensive scientific management, continuously improve product quality, and provide customers with high-quality technology and services!