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Multi key series

Capacitive multi-key touch detection IC

CT8224C is a capacitive button touch and proximity induction switch control chip, instead of the traditional mechanical structure switch. The product is manufactured by CMOS process, with built-in LDO, stable structural performance, low power consumption, and multiple output modes can be configured through the pins.

Product detail

 Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.5V
 Built-in system voltage stabilization circuit, power stability, 0.5s 
 Multiple modes (latch / trigger / open leakage) are externally configured to set the CMOS high / low level output
 Working mode power consumption is 20 uA, and low power consumption mode is 5 uA (at 3.0V with no load)
 Operation mode is selected by port LPMP, key response time is 45ms and response time in low power mode is 160ms
 Single key or multiple key output mode is selected by the SM port
 The sensitivity of the chip input detection channel can be adjusted separately
 After system stabilization time of about 0.5 seconds, do not touch Touch Pad during this period, and the touch function is invalid
 Automatic calibration function. The calibration period within 8s after power-on is 1s. If there is a key touch within 8s or no input after 8s, the system calibration period is switched from 1s to 4s
 High reliability, the chip built-in jitter circuit, can effectively prevent external noise interference caused by misoperation
 Can be used in glass, ceramic, plastic and other media surface